Restaurant Doca

Restaurant Doca , is situated in the Griffintown neighbourhood in the heart of downtown Montreal. Located near the Peel Basin at the doorstep of the old dockyards. Its unique decor inspired by its postindustrial surroundings is both modern and elegant while remaining warm and true to its name. Doca which simply means Docks in Portuguese in acknowledgment to this historically significant sector of Montreal.

Doca hails itself as a unique Montreal gastronomic experience, where Mediterranean cuisine isn’t just an afterthought, it’s a raison d’être… Our guests will also enjoy a special experience through our wide range of privately imported wines. Our distinguished team from our chef to our sommelier will provide an indelible dining experience that will evidently win your praise.

Leading this venture is Raj Patel a seasoned entrepreneur with close to two decades of business know how. His savvy in putting together passionate successful teams is once again demonstrated with Restaurant Doca. Victor Batista & Victor Dias share 40 years experience operating some of Montreal’s top restaurants. Never at ease sitting on their laurels they combined their experience to create restaurant Doca which is their worthy contribution to the Montreal dining experience.

Restaurant Doca’s sophisticated cuisine is presented simply with care and attention to detail. Our passion for cuisine is reflected in every one of our creations. Restaurant Doca are unequivocally sure that our guests will be impressed by our culinary presentations.

Restaurant Doca is a truly fantastic dining experience and we invite you to come and experience it yourself.