Slayedit New York Press Review of Restaurant Doca

Leaving New York, headed to Toronto, I was chatting with the co-founder The Gentlemen’s Repertoire: Serge Jean Laviolette of about the best spots for dinner in Montreal, and he recommended:

Restaurant Doca, in the heart of Montreal’s newest millennial neighborhood Griffintown.

So my partner in #foodcrime @pearlsnsequence Toronto Fashion Blogger, set out to conduct an overall review of Doca. From the moment we entered, we were greeted by Victor and Victor, the two co-owners of Doca. With our tailored menu, we not only rated the atmosphere, we rated the service.

Menu: 4.9/5
Doca’s menu is a sophisticated and appealing menu. With an array of options, patrons can choose between tagliatelle to mushroom risotto. I had a beet salad, tuna tartar and the seared duck. The combination flowed quite flavorful, with a modern sophistication and avant-garde presentation.

Atmosphere: 5/5
Doca is a very lively restaurant. On the main street in Griffintown, it was apparent that local celebrities call it home. While we were there, we bumped shoulders with P.K. Subban. When I examined the neighboring tables, I noticed the other patrons laughing and jovial. The atmosphere “was everything” that night.

Service: 5/5
The service at the Doca was the highlight of the evening. Impeccable, knowledgeable and A+!

The overall restaurant experience was a 4.9/5. With such a high rating, we definitely recommend Doca as a restaurant of choice when in Montreal.

Written by: @petronajoseph_

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